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What We Do

We bring top campaign technology and voter targeting experts directly to you. We specialize in making sure your campaign is running as efficiently as possible, without bringing on full-time staff or signing long-term contracts. No job is too big or small! We customize each project to your needs, budget, and timeframe.

Political Technology

It’s the wild west out there with multiple services and data sources. Frankly, not all of them are great. We’ll be your guides and help you navigate the tools that can make or break your campaign.

Voter Targeting

At heart, we’re true political data nerds. We have worked with the biggest names in political data. We know the ins and outs of data sources, including which are good and bad.

Campaign Consulting

Get your campaign off of the ground. We’re veteran political operatives grounded in traditional campaign tactics and digital natives who know how to make the most online organizing tools.


Learning new campaign tools can be hard. Creating systems and teaching multiple staff and volunteers in a few weeks can be harder. Let our expertise do the heavy lifting for you.  

About Us

Experienced campaign technology and data professionals

Voter Expert is political technology and voter data consulting firm for Democratic campaigns and progressive political organizations. We’re experts in direct consulting, data analysis and visualization, and general software support and integrations. We help get your campaign off the ground by leveraging the best technology, data, and expertise available.

We are a small and dynamic minority-owned boutique consulting firm committed to providing the best data, software support, advisory services to progressive organizations across the country. As such, we believe diversity, inclusion, and equity are best promoted by collaborating with people who are in control of their own work. If you are a minority-owned business or consulting firm or want to help us and others do the most good, contact us.