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Political Technology

Voter Expert is here to help you streamline your technology. We are able to help with any aspect of your software, data, or integrations.

CRM & Campaign Software

Voter Targeting

Without the best voter data you are wasting your time and money. We know how hard it can be to analyze and understand “good” data from “bad” data, and we are here to help! We have over 25 years of combined voter file work from the local department of elections to national scale multi-state voter file companies.

Data Acquisition

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you have an existing database of supporters we can help.  We’re experts in voter data and know how make it usable regardless of the source, be it government sources or voter file companies like Catalist, TargetSmart, PDI, L2, Aristotle or any other source! 

Data Enhancements

Are you using the best data available? We know the voter data industry inside and out, including the quirks of each provider. We’ll make sure that your voter file has the best phone numbers, addresses, language/ethnicity information. We can also help you locate or create  custom models for your unique voter population. 

Target Your Supporters

Are you talking to the right people? Build custom universes and lists to maximize your voter outreach and GOTV efforts. Get an expert analysis of your outreach program and actionable steps to be improve it. 


It can be to learn new software. Are you getting the most out of your technology and people? We are here to help! Get customized training documents, videos, or webinar support created just for your team.